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Business Start-Ups

Business Start-UpsSo you are looking at starting up a catering business, but not entirely sure how to go about doing so.

It is always important when setting up a new catering business you do it right first time around. 50% of people who start a Catering business without any expertise in the trade tend to fail, are closed down and bankrupt within 12-24 months.

Why is the failure rate so high?

Most people who start up a Catering business who don’t have the expertise in the trade believe that it cannot be that hard to do and go at it alone, only to realise once it is too late that it would have been wise to bring in someone with the expertise to help guide them in the right direction and to start off with.

At Penswick Catering Consultancy we can help guide you in the right direction, help you make the right decisions, save you time and money and make sure you hit the trade running with a greater chance of success.

A small price to pay for great success!!

Business Startup Flowchart